Our Brands

Lacroix is a french brand building skis for racing and high performance. The skis are exceptional and you must try one pair one time in your life.

Born in Austria and winner of several awards in olympics and world championships, Atomic is building top quality skis for all type of skiers.

Top reputation French brand, Rossignol skis are all around the world, in every ski resorts.

Salomon provide high tech skis managing great engineering and materials. Salomon provide skis, boots, bindings, helmets, ski jackets...

Movement is a Swiss brand, well known for his great skis used for touring. Aurelien Ducroz, freeride world champion, won few tittles with Movement skis.

Antoine Deneriaz, downhill gold medal Olympic champion, is building skis hand made in Annecy, France. Deneriaz skis are for good skiers who want the really best.